Prom Limos

During prom season it’s tough to find a teenage girl who isn’t excitedly planning her outfit, shoes, hair-style and makeup for the big night. Renting a limo, stretch limo, or party bus can add to the thrill of the big dance and allow larger groups of kids to attend the dance together. The prestige and luxury associated with limousine rental is a wonderful compliment to the special feelings surrounding the prom.

As exciting as prom night can be for the young ladies and gentlemen attending the exciting event, it can strike fear into the hearts of mothers and fathers. Images of kids getting into trouble and possibly becoming hurt are of top concern. Parents may initially balk at the idea of renting a limo or stretch limo as a means of prom night transportation, but in fact it is a great way to keep kids safe and supervised while still allowing them to feel grown-up and special for the evening. The limo driver is a built-in chaperone for the kids and should be willing to check-in with location and timing updates via cell-phone to the parents. Another fun option, considering that limo and stretch limo rental is usually charged by the hour, is to have the driver pick up the parents and chauffeur them around town during the time the kids are at the dance.

Super stretch limos and party buses are often the most economical choices for prom limos because they can seat many teens and allow the cost of the rental to be divided up amongst all the passengers. Hummer and Escalade limos are popular choices due to their stunning appearance and abundance of amazing amenities.