Types of Limos

Limos and stretch limos come in an incredible variety of types and styles. When selecting a limo or stretch limo to rent it is important to consider the number of people you need to accommodate, the type of amenities you prefer and the general style and feel of the limo you desire. Limos can be made from Rolls Royce, Bentley, Corvette, Hummer, Lincoln, Cadillac, and even Volkswagen models.

Here you will find a basic description of some of the most popular types of limos and stretch limos currently available for rental.

Lincoln Limos: The classic, elegant lines of a Lincoln limousine car is often what first comes to mind when the word “limo” is spoken. Lincoln has been a standard name in the limousine industry for decades and while their cars still offer a classical and timeless look, new models provide up-to-date offerings in terms of comfort, amenities and safety. For customers requiring large group seating the Lincoln Navigator Stretch Limo, shown here, is a popular option.

Hummer Limos: When riding in a Hummer limousine guests are sure to be very comfortable and will definitely be noticed. The Hummer limos are incredibly spacious, can comfortably accommodate a large group of people, and are known in the industry for offering cutting-edge and luxurious amenities. The Hummer stretch limo typically includes fiber-optic lighting, lava lamps, mirrored ceilings, full bars and multiple flat screen televisions. It’s easy to see why the Hummer Limo is such a popular choice.

Sedan Limos: The sedan limo offers the comfort, style and elegance of a limousine while being a bit more discreet than the average stretch limo. They typically seat 3-4 adults and offer plenty of room for luggage, making them the most popular choice for airport and small group business transportation. Lincoln Town Cars and select Cadillac models are most commonly used as sedan limos. They provide superior class, comfort and style while offering a practical and discreet mode of transportation.

SUV Limos: Chevrolet Suburban, GMC Yukon XL or Cadillac Escalade ESV are the most popular makes and models of SUV limos. The SUV limo is a fun, laid-back choice in limousine transportation. They offer a high level of comfort and their roominess makes them a popular choice with all types of customers. Those traveling with babies and small children appreciate the space for strollers and bags, while businessmen find the SUV limo a comfortable way to get around town. SUV limousines are also available in a Stretch SUV model. This is actually one of the most popular types of limos today due to it’s high safety rating and ability to accommodate up to 24 passengers.

Stretch/Super Stretch Limos: As you’ve probably already guessed, just about any limousine can be modified into a stretch and sometimes even a super stretch limo. The traditional stretch limo was simply a sedan limo with an extended wheelbase or chassis, however today they have evolved into luxurious and comfortable vehicles with a wide range of amenities such as full bars, fiber optic lighting, flat screen televisions, and sometimes even a hot tub! The most common model stretch limo is the Lincoln, which is an affordable, comfortable option in chauffeured car service. A stretch limo can typically accommodate anywhere from 6-10 people.

For larger groups a super stretch limo offers top notch comfort and luxurious features. Super stretch limousines include the Hummer Limo, Escalade and Excursion limos, and ultra-modified Lincoln Town Car Limousines. Party buses, limos buses, and motor coaches also fall into this category.

As with all types of limos and stretch limos the features of the super stretch limo vary depending on make and model, however rear climate control, superior sound systems, flat screen televisions and full bars should be standard. To accommodate large groups many manufacturers are now building super stretch limos with a fifth door for easier entry and exit.