Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a standard limousine?

A limousine can be any variety of luxury sedan vehicle. The term most often applies to cars with a lengthened wheelbase that are driven by a chauffeur. The extra space allows for superior comfort for those riding in the limo.

How many people can a standard limo typically accommodate?

A regular style limousine (one that is not a stretch limo) can typically seat 4 adults comfortably. Certain styles can accommodate up to 6 passengers, however a stretch limo provides a more desirable accommodation for groups of 6 or more.

What is a sedan limousine?

Lincoln Town Cars and select Cadillac models are most commonly used as sedan limos. The sedan limo offers the comfort, style and elegance of a limousine while being a bit more discreet than the average stretch limo. They are incredibly popular for airport and business transportation and are more elegant alternative to taxicab transportation.

How many people can a sedan limo typically accommodate?

Sedan limos typically seat 3-4 adults and offer plenty of room for luggage.

What is a stretch limousine?

A stretch limo is a limousine with an extended chassis. The chassis is the framework of the car which contains the engine, suspension, transmission, and driveshaft. In some cases the chassis modifications are done by the manufacturer and other times an independent coach-builder may alter the vehicle.

How many people can a stretch limo typically accommodate?

Stretch limos are typically designed for the comfortable transportation of six to ten passengers. Certain models, sometimes referred to as super stretch limos, can seat upwards of 20 passengers.

What is a party bus?

Party buses are often made by modifying a conventional bus or coach, however they can also be created from a van or minibus chassis  These large coaches, also known as limousine buses, party vans, or luxury buses are typically designed specifically for day trips and events. They are also a popular option for large groups looking for evening limousine transportation.

How many people can a party bus typically accommodate?

The party bus is able to carry anywhere from 10 to 50 passengers. The amount of passengers the party bus can accommodate varies greatly depending on the type of vehicle it is based on.

What kind of vehicles can be made into limousines and stretch limousines?

Since creating a limousine simply involves lengthening the wheel base or extending the chassis it is possible to make virtually any vehicle into a limo or stretch limo. Most limousines and stretch limousines today serve a commercial purpose. Common styles of limos and stretch limos include the Lincoln Town Car and Lincoln Navigator, a variety of Cadillac models including the Escalade SUV, Chrysler 300C, Hummer H2, and the Ford Excursion. In some cases luxury cars such as Bentley, Rolls Royce, Mercedes-Benz, and Jaguar are converted into the ultimate luxury stretch limos. Sometimes car designers will convert a vehicle into a stretch limo with the intention of making a bold design statement rather than mass marketing them for limo rental services. Examples of this include the modification of vehicles including Corvettes, Ferraris, Mini Coopers and the Volkswagen Beetle.

What are the most common occasions for limo and stretch limo rental?

Limousine and stretch limousine transportation is the most expensive form of professional transportation, so for the majority of the population limo rental is reserved for special occasions. Events such as weddings, prom, bar/bat mitzvah, quinceañera parties, graduations, and bachelor or bachelorette parties are common times for limousine rental. Airport transportation and business purposes may also warrant the rental of a limousine.

When was the first limousine made?

The first limousine was built in 1902 and required the chauffeur to sit outside underneath a covered compartment.

Where does the term limousine come from?

The term limousine is derived from the cloaks worn by shepherds in the Limousin region of France. There is some dispute over the words exact etymology; some attribute the term to the styling of the covered compartment underneath which the chauffeur sat, while other say that the chauffeurs wore cloaks similar to those of the Limousin shepherds to shield them from rain and wind.

What colors are stretch limos available in?

Stretch limousines were originally only manufactured in black and white, however in recent years there has been somewhat of a trend towards fun and funky paint jobs on certain stretch limos. While a pink Hummer limousine might not appeal to everyone, it is a popular choice for events such as bachelorette parties.

When was the first stretch limo made?

The first stretch limo was manufactured by the Armbruster company in Fort Smith, Arkansas around the year 1928. Stretch limousines were initially used as a way to transport famous “Big Band” leaders such as Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman. The extended chassis afforded ample space to comfortably accommodate the band leaders, band members and their equipment and earned the first stretch limousines the commonly used name “big band buses.”

What type of insurance should a limo company have?

Insurance coverage’s can vary and you should ask for specific details about the type of coverage held by the limo rental company. Limo rental and chauffeured car service providers will likely hold both bodily injury and property damage liability insurance. Proof of insurance should be provided and, since limo rental is often arranged many months in advance, you should confirm that coverage will be in effect on the date of your engagement. In the unlikely event of an accident an uninsured or inadequately insured limo rental company may not be required to fully compensate passengers for medical expenses and other injury related costs. When inquiring about insurance coverage it is also a good idea to ask about federal and state licensing.

What other accreditations or qualifications should the limo rental company have?

When selecting a limo rental company it is a good idea to check for any professional affiliations and memberships. While not a firm requirement, membership in these types of organizations demonstrates a commitment to high quality service and ethical business operations. Organizations will vary from state to state and region to region.

When a limo company gives a quote what is typically included?

The limo company will most likely give you a quote based on the model of limousine or stretch limousine that you have selected and the number of hours you have decided to rent the vehicle for. In most cases the price will include the standard 18-20% gratuity, but be sure to ask. Charges for parking, road tolls, fuel and taxes may not be included in the initial quote. Ask for an explanation of exactly what services are included in the “base” or quoted price and what, if any, charges may be added-on to your bill.

What are the most popular limos for weddings?

The Hummer Limo and Lincoln stretch and super stretch limos are very popular choices for transporting the wedding party. They offer comfort and luxury and are able to accommodate large groups. Many couples will also arrange for a “getaway vehicle” for their grand reception exit.  Popular choices range from the simple elegance of a classic Lincoln Town Car to the ultimate in luxury and class, the Rolls Royce Limo. A vintage or antique Bentley or Rolls Royce limo often provides the picture-perfect end to the bride’s big day. These limousines seat two passengers and allow the special couple to make a bold statement as they begin their life together.

What are the most popular limos for business use?

For business purposes sedan limo rental can be an excellent choice, however for groups of 6-10 a stretch limo will provide for more comfortable transportation options. Hourly and one-way service can be arranged. Renting a limo, stretch limo, or chauffeured sedan is often comparable to the cost of taxicab transportation and is obviously a much more comfortable choice.

What type of limos do teens usually have in mind for prom and other parties?

Super stretch limos and party buses are often the most economical choices for prom limos because they can seat many teens and allow the cost of the rental to be divided up amongst all the passengers. Hummer and Escalade limos are popular choices due to their stunning appearance and abundance of amazing amenities.